Hi gurus. I have an SAP 4. What I have to do to resolve this problem? I am waiting your opinions. Thanks in advance, Daniela. For other languages or the logon is not posible or the logon is posible but nothing is displayed in page. There are only one computer that accept login in Romanian, but I cannot realise what is special with it. Could anybody help me with a hint. Thanks, Dana. Where for you need the Single Sign On?

That works well with portal technology, where with a login you gets information from several systems. The problem that remained is the warning message: SAP Graphics data not supported. Because we receive this message, no graphics are generated. There are some configurations that must to be done in the sistem or some patches that must to be applied? We also tried to use sapgui for html instead of rolling out the regular sapgui. We found : 1 - html gui is for 'casual' users only 2 - many gui functions do NOT work in html gui.

I dont know this 1 4 sure, so im interested also.

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But I cannot imagine u need ITS. Which is a dated application anyway replaced by Web AS and Portal. Tx for the info. Caddick via sap-basis [mailto:sap-basis Groups. That's not to say you absolutely need ITS for all business scenarios. ITS versions 6. Portal 6. Some name 16k Followers. Tech Sign In Page. Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up.

sap gui for html not working

October 23, AM.Update With this Blog I would like to provide some general information on the lifecylce of this release as well as information on the new features coming with 7. Due to the huge effort required for this, we could not implement multi-monitor DPI awareness in time, but this is one of our next main focus topics. For the latest information always refer to SAP Note The impact of the absence of each feature is mentioned in the second column of the table. The page in options dialog allows selecting the most suitable sound from 4 new sound schemes or from the hard-disk.

The Grid View Control now offers an input history like edit fields or table control cells already do. Especially in the area of scripting a lot has been done that is very difficult to reflect in the SAP Note mentioned above. What we have not been able to achieve with release 7.

Or is there a setting for this? This is part of the design of the Belize theme and basically the idea is that applications should not require massive usage of the menu, because the most important functions should be directly accessible for the application toolbar or the system toolbar in Belize the header toolbar or the footer toolbar.

I guess for web based applications it makes sense not having a menu and having new applications provide their main functionality in the toolbars is a good idea.

So I would have liked it being included, possibly not enabled by default. Looking at the screenshots the space seems to be empty anyways….

It would be superficial not to consider it. I agree with this! Our customers need that menu bar. Simply add an additonal option for that purpose. That would work fine. Anyways the Belize theme looks very good! At least one thing is certain: This cannot come in any older SAP Kernel release, because Belize was a massive development that would definitely cause a lot of problems in older SAP Kernel releases if it was downported.

However, you would still have to consider that some development effort would be required new metrics for example and that this would not be suitable for delivered releases.

Since there are a lot of places to be fixed, I doubt that we can downport such a feature into a delivered release, but we shall see. However, this has nothing to do with icons. This is just about the line height.

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Even the old bitmaps in older themes are scaled — despite the fact that this is looking very ugly when using relatively high DPI settings. Because nobody asked for it. So far the branding feature was used to apply a brand image and this is typically not different per system. XML still possibile under 7.It only appears to allow access to transaction codes through the favourites or SAP menu. I recently begun a quest to be able to access SAP directly through my mobile phone.

I found this not to be the case. There are limitations to this. I only got it working on one browser app. Also, it requires some patience to use see TIPS section at end of document.

All this is achieved without a user agent and the success seems to lie with the browser we will work with. Before proceeding, please ensure that the WebGUI is working properly from any desktop browser preferably Firefox. This is a great free web browser app for Android phones. Highly recommended. You may need a VPN application to accomplish this. Talk to your network administrator if this is not achieved.

NOTE: The below changes will need to be done in a development system and the changes transported to the target system. Click the green check mark to add the entry. You should now be able to log in and type transaction codes directly to access SAP transactions.

Unfortunately, shortcuts do not appear to be working. In this case, rather directly select another field on the screen before using the enter key. Zoom in and out on each field or key to make entry easier. You may also zoom in and out on messages along the bottom of the screen.

sap gui for html not working

The error you describe indicates that you either do not have the basic Web GUI configured correctly or do not have network access from your phone. The error this guide attempts to correct is that of a user agent check. In other words, you would have at minimum received a response back from the SAP server indicating that your browser is not supported. Please message me directly or follow the link provided in step one if you need assistance with those points.

Former Member. Posted on June 9, 3 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. Shortcuts not working. Only direct SAP transaction codes.I have read the blogs and notes but still have some questions. First of all, our environment is ECC 6. Ref to notewe have two options:. See SAP note for details. You can create X.

NWSSO is not required it just makes things easier by automatically creating the certificates instead of you having to create them and somehow deploy on the client browsers. Not what you're looking for? Search community questions.

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This question has been deleted. This question has been undeleted. Former Member. Posted on Sep 04, at AM Views. As I did not receive any reply on my earlier post, re-posting my question in simplified way. Ref to notewe have two options: SAP logon tickets X.

Thanks in advance for your help and support. Regards, Yasir. Add comment. Related questions. Sort by: Votes Newest Oldest. This answer has been deleted. This answer has been undeleted. Posted on Sep 05, at AM.

Alert Moderator. You already have an active moderator alert for this content. Tim Alsop Former Member. Mar 18, at PM. Show all. Tsz Kin Au. Posted on Mar 19, at AM. Thanks both for the explaination of the licensing. Mar 19, at PM.In some cases users prefer to login to their SAP systems via the web. It could be because they travel alot, or they do not have access to their computers all the time. The way how I did was that I took. Hope this was helpful.

Best Regards. Yes it is secure.

SAP GUI for HTML on Touch Devices

I use both http, and https and both are working fine. I mean, can just used one tab o window with the same credentials? Im asking you because when i use my credencials to access and open a new tab in the same web broswer, i can access to 4 or This has to do with your browser cookies. When you remove your browser cookies you will be able to provide your sap credentials each time you open a new tab.

sap gui for html not working

Unfortunately, the issue persist after follow this steps, do you if this can be related with SAP GUI Web cofiguration or with the web browser configuration? The issue persist in IE, Google Chrome and Firefox, also the session can be performed from another computer. Looks like i will need to talk to my network guys to get it configured. If not, why? Pretty useful document with the required steps for setup.

Thanks for posting it. Same setup is working fine on my other system.

program has stopped working fix ✔

Any idea what could be wrong here? It is most likely that the system on which it is not working, is not within your internal network. Please check if you can log into your SAP network on that system.

How can we do it? I configured all, first ppage witch login screenis fine, but when I try login to my system i have the error:. So probably this workaround will work for you also.

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Somehow the screen hangs and does not shows anything. We have the similar problem in our SAP. Have you resolve this issue. Former Member. Posted on February 6, 3 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. The way how I did was that I took and gave it to the network team, and mentioned to them my private internal IP for my SAP system along with the port which I am using for http.

Alert Moderator.Until now, the support of touchable controls has not been fully offered. In this blog article, new adjustments, defined gestures and the preserving of existing controls will be listed. You can touch and hold the handle and drag to move it. The handle is easy to grab and moves smoothly over the screen.

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You can single tap touch one of the radio buttons to select the whole row. The selection highlights the desired choice in a user-friendly way. The first entry of the context menu shows the respective tooltip. When you single tap the column header, the column is selected and a width icon to adjust the column appears. A new ALV Grid fullscreen button is also part of touch-enablement.

How to configure Your SAP GUI HTML for Web Access

The button is placed at the end of the ALV toolbar. It allows you to enlarge the grid in the user area for a better interaction. The Launchpad customizing allows to enable specific apps on different device types:. The defined settings determine on which device type to display the tiles. Normally, all three types are selected by default.

However, it could be possible that for some tiles, which were built in the past, the types Tablet and Phone are deselected. Therefore, make sure to enable the Tablet type of the tiles you want to interact with on mobile devices by marking the checkboxes using your Launchpad customizing.

For information on touch-enablement of the Classical UIs in general, see also this blog. Technical Articles. Melanie Reinwarth. Posted on June 6, 3 minute read.

sap gui for html not working

Follow RSS feed Like. Touch-enabled applications Some insights…. Here a few examples how the controls look like in a touch-enabled environment: Splitter Control with a New Handle You can touch and hold the handle and drag to move it. Table Columns When you single tap the column header, the column is selected and a width icon to adjust the column appears. Alert Moderator. Assigned tags. Related Blog Posts.

Related Questions. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. Stephan Heinberg. June 12, at am. Will this be delivered for Netweaver 7. Like 0. Ralph Resech. June 12, at pm. Hi Stephan, we are considering to port this down to 7. As always: this is not a statement and subject to change without further notice and so on.

Cheers Ralph. Link Text.Unfortunately after the login site successful login the actual site requested is not loaded. The splash screen that comes in between after login and before the page requested will stay forever.

There is obviously no way to get a dynpro to the screen. Who can help? I executed the report you mentioned. Obviously all the services where published and this was marked green for all. Unfortunately this did not help. Still the splash screen will stay forever and the actual requested site does not show up.

I guess you only see loading page with "Please wait" on the screen after giving logon details, right? I will try to implement this note even if I did not do any upgrades SAP trial version.

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Make sure you have the services you want active IE If you still have a blank screen with no errors then look into the DIA workprocess traces to see if there are any errors reported. Unfortunately still it doesnt work. I have to check the trace the next days. Any ideas left guys? Services are active and published. GUI Link is set to "Yes" for service webgui.

Which of the services in question has the settings of you screenshot? I checked system, webgui and mimes but the all look different. That screenshot is for the particular transaction. It was working perfectly before the upgrade. Any resolution to your issue? I am also facing the same issue after recent Kernel upgrade. Do I need to check any other parameters?

Not what you're looking for? Search community questions. This question has been deleted. This question has been undeleted.